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MAY 10, 2017 –  Jabberjaw Media, an independent talk and entertainment podcast network founded by Matt Carter (Emery, The BadChristian Podcast)and Mike Mowery (Outerloop Management & Records), has been paving the way for podcast platforms since their launch in November 2015. The network’s unique and groundbreaking shows include Lead Singer Syndrome with frontman Shane Told of rock band Silverstein, the Modern Vinyl Podcast, Washed Up Emo, The Mike Herrera Hour, The MetalSucks Podcast, The Bad Christian Podcast, Break it Down with Matt Carter, 100 Words or Less, Peer Pleasure, and more. In its first year, Jabberjaw Media has hosted groundbreaking shows and interviews – such as John Bunch’s final interview before his untimely passing on Washed Up Emo. The success of Lead Singer Syndrome has paved the path for the show’s exclusive All Access Club, and the show continues to produce engaging interviews with a diverse array of lead singers with the approach of peer to peer candor. Further, the shows Break It Down with Matt Carter,Modern Vinyl, Mike Herrera Hour and Peer Pleasure are all shows that can be heard weekly on idobi Radio.


Today, Jabberjaw Media Network has announced a new wave of podcast shows being added to the network, including The Noise Creator’s Podcast, Friend or Faux, and Sugar High. This is what co-founder Mike Mowery has to say about the new additions:


“Jabberjaw is in a privileged position to continue to be able to add great shows to our already burgeoning lineup of podcasts. With the addition of these three shows, we once again give listeners the opportunity to find a diverse selection of amazing independent media shows in music, music business and comedy. We strive to give podcasters a platform to reach an audience larger than they would on their own and are elated to welcome these great hosts into the network!” – Mike Mowery


Jabberjaw Media was formed after founders Matt Carter and Mike Mowery saw a need for podcast hosts to strategize and find ways to build stronger audiences and share tips under one roof. They collaborated to create an entertainment-centric podcast network that enables direct communication between artists and their audience without the influence of media conglomerates or other gatekeepers. The artist-friendly network will work with its hosts in creating compelling content and encouraging free expression of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Jabberjaw Media exists to aggregate present podcasts and help them thrive while seeking to produce great content from interesting personalities within independent music and beyond. Jabberjaw Media shows will provide a wealth of knowledge, offer insightful stories, and thought-provoking topics. Network members and hosts not only work in the their respective industries today, but they are also genuinely passionate about the people that make up this community. As a result, the network is full of shows relevant for both fans and professionals alike.


More about The Noise Creators Podcast:
The Noise Creators Podcast goes in depth to discuss the ideas, processes and opinions on the pressing issues for creators today. We find what makes creators tick including record producers, musicians, directors as well as exploring the business ideas and methods those who help them create use to further their work.On joining Jabberjaw Media, Noise Creators host and Author of Processing Creativity and Record Producer, Jesse Cannon states, “I’m excited to be a part of the Jabberjaw Network since there is rarely a day that goes by that I’m not listening to one of their podcasts as a fan. Doing a podcast that celebrates creativity, I’ve long been a fan of many of their podcasts creative questioning and the way they further discussions in music.”



More about Friend or Faux Podcast:
Friend or Faux is a pop culture talk podcast featuring conversations with Hollywood types, oddball games, parody commercial spots, and sometimes musical performances. Previous guests have included “Weird Al” Yankovic, Kina Grannis, Chelsea Davison, Drew Lynch, Vir Das, and most recently comedian and fellow podcaster Lahna Turner. On joining Jabberjaw Media, Friend or Faux host, Devlin Wilder, states, “I joined Jabberjaw because of its open door policy of independence and freedom for discussion, guests, and content. The team is also extraordinarily helpful in promoting my show and its unique brand.”



More about Sugar High Podcast:
Partnered with Amusicblogyea, Sugar High is a podcast where artists discuss what it’s like to live a life in music. Subjects are encouraged to discuss their past, fears, achievements, working schedules and more. After spending nearly a decade on the road with bands, tour manager and host Danny Carissimi sits down with them to learn how they tick and why they’re successful. Sugar High is good if you want to learn about living an artistic lifestyle or just want a damn good underdog story. Past and future episodes include 311, Neon Indian, The Griswolds, Bears Den, Rey Reel (Beyonce), Walk The Moon, Lucius, Com Truise, Mumford and Sons, Alex and Sierra, Dreamers, Bleached, Michelle Cable (Mac Demarco), and many more.


On joining the network, host Danny Carissimi states, “I’m super happy to join all the bad ass podcasts over at Jabberjaw. I used to tour manage bands and now I dissect why certain ones are successful. I encourage artists to explain exactly how they made music their career. Bands are full of smart ambitious people trying to live their best life and I think there is a lot we can learn from their inspiring stories. I’m partnered up with Amusicblogyea and we are fairly determined to bring you the best goddamn music podcast on the planet!”



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