I Set My Friends on Fire Extend Their Summer Plans

I Set My Friends on Fire Extend Their Summer Plans
Band announces new dates on upcoming tour
     2017 has been a busy year for I Set My Friends on Fire and the band shows no signs of slowing down. They have been touring non-stop internationally, over the U.S, and recently, are a part of the first ever Tragic Hero Records Tour. Without even taking a break, the band kicks off the Arsonists Get All The Girls “The Game of Life” ten year anniversary tour.
     With all the excitement surrounding the anniversary tour, I Set My Friends on Fire is thrilled to announce the second leg that hits the East Coast and extends their summer of touring. Guitarist Nate Blasdell shared, “We’re stoked to bring this tour back home and play for our friends and family.” 
     The “Game of Life” tour kicks off on July 15 in Victorville, CA with Arsonists Get All The Girls, Kingdom of Giants and West Cliffs and the full tour wrapping up on August 27th in Santa Cruz, CA. Select dates will also features Conquer Divide and Circuit of Suns. 
     AGATG’s 2007 release of “The Game Of Life” spread like a virus among fans all over and established the bands presence as innovators of heavy experimental music. Earlier this year AltPress.com included AGATG in a gracious write up mentioning that “A decade later, The Game Of Life is still an absolute blast to journey through.” The music comes matched with the bands sheer brutality on stage, which fans can certainly anticipate on the upcoming tour.
About I Set My Friends on Fire   
     Fusing together older influences of emo/post hardcore with a little bit of funk thrown in, I Set My Friends On Fire aims to set themselves apart from other bands with their unique sound that the band describes as “evil funk.”
In 2016, I Set My Friends On Fire signed to Tragic Hero Records and released their first single in over a year, “My Uzi Holds A Hundred Round Conscience.” While headlining both national and international tours, the band also focused on their upcoming record, “Caterpillar Sex.”
As a founding member of ISMFOF, Matt Mehana is not only the face of the band, but a driving force behind the music as well. Taking influence from his chaotic life, he uses his music as an outlet to channel his eccentric personality and thoughts. Those experiences were the inspiration behind the new album, “Caterpillar Sex,” which highlights Mehana not being afraid to step outside the box and experiment with something entirely new.
“Caterpillar Sex” will be released during the Summer of 2017 during their appearance on the first ever Tragic Hero Records tour with Dead Rabbitts, SET TO STUN and Northern Ghost. When pressed, I Set My Friends on Fire wouldn’t disclose the specifics of the album or whether or not these new tracks would be included in the set. It’s expected to be a very special record with an extremely interesting launch.
As seen throughout their career, you never know what to expect from I Set My Friends on Fire.

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