Heather Thomas “People In Places” LP out 6.16

Heather Thomas People In Places LP out 6.16

“Leanna” video premieres at American Standard Time

“A solid debut effort of Laurel Canyon style country – Karen Carpenter fans should be extremely pleased with this one!”

SEATTLE, WA – Heather Thomas is very pleased to announce that “Leanna” from her forthcoming full length People In Places has premiered at American Standard Time via:



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People In Places unfurls with a graceful elegance rarely found within the grooves of a freshman release. It’s no surprise, then, to learn that Thomas has been playing since she was young, and working professionally for some time. Imbued with an unquenchable thirst for music in all its guises, Thomas has played in or recorded with over fifty bands across the sonic spectrum, including the psych-rock act General Mojo she co-leads. With People In Places Thomas steps out from behind the drum kit with which she’s built her reputation and into the spotlight with the first project that bears her name.

In 2014 Thomas, with recommendations from Macklemore compatriots Hollis Wong-Wear (White Walls) and violinist and composer Andrew Joslyn (The Heist), joined pop artist Mary Lambert’s band and was soon touring the country and opening for Gavin Degraw, Train, Sam Smith, Pharrell, Ariana Grande, Bonnie Raitt, and more. With Lambert she performed  on VH1, Good Morning America, and LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

The experience of touring with Lambert encouraged Thomas to share her soul through music. Thomas picked up the ukulele mainly because she was tired of hauling around her drum set all the time and wanted to switch to something more portable. “I didn’t really aspire to become a great ukulele player, I hoped to become a great songwriter and the ukulele was a way to play my own songs as a solo artist”.

People in Places features Thomas on vocals, drums and ukulele, and was recorded by George Wiederkehr at Mosaic Music in Marysville, Washington. The album features some of Thomas’s closest friends. Thomas and Skyler Mehal met in college and have been playing music together for almost a decade. Dune Butler (bass) fronts the psychedelic rock band General Mojo’s.

The album speaks to a willingness to love deeply without a fear of needing to walk away. “People in Places” declares that “Oh my darling, I love you but you couldn’t hold me down if you tried”, while in “Montana Sky”, the author chooses to “set you free, hope you come back to me someday”.  Infused with an uplifting sense of liberation, Thomas declares that “I hope that when people hear this album, they connect with the part of themselves that sees beauty in the world.”




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