GRAVEL KINGS Premieres New Video “American Skies” From ACLU Benefit Compilation MUSIC FOR EVERYONE with Paste Magazine

“We feel that our current administration is being disturbingly selective in how rights are distributed among citizens and visitors of the United States. In our opinion, the ACLU is a great line of defense in making sure that everyone is treated equally and that no one’s rights are compromised as a result of the Trump administration.”
– Zack Jones of Gravel Kings
Premieres New Video “American Skies” From ACLU Benefit Compilation
with Paste MagazineFeatures Rare and/or Unreleased Songs
From Taking Back Sunday, Kevin Devine, Gift of Gab, Chris Farron, Anti-Flag, Dave Hause, Anthony Green, The Republic of Wolves, and More!
Gravel Kings “American Skies” from Music For Everyone

“Our idea of America is being violated,” says Zack Jones, vocalist/guitarist of Fort Pierce, FL-based Americana band GRAVEL KINGS to PASTE MAGAZINE who premieres their new video “American Skies”, which is taken from the ACLU benefit compilation MUSIC FOR EVERYONE. “While we’ve always been hesitant to share our political opinions out of fear of losing fans, this time we couldn’t stay silent. Everyone should be speaking up right now. It’s time to be honest, we can’t be complacent.”

Collecting musical voices from different shades of the spectrum, the compilation MUSIC FOR EVERYONE was compiled by Taking Back Sunday‘s John Nolan with help from Collective Confusion Records, Hopeless Records and the non-profit Sub City,Music For Everyone unites artists who have provided rare, unreleased and/or brand new music to voice their concern about the current fiery political environment. Contributing artists include Taking Back Sunday, Anti-Flag, Kevin Devine, Modern Chemistry, The Republic of Wolves, Gravel Kings, Blackalicious’ Gift of Gab (in a special collaboration with Taking Back Sunday), Answering Machine, Baggage, Chris Farren, Potty Mouth, Brett Newski, Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds, Anthony Green, Frank Iero, Dave Hause, Sleep On It, Jared Hart, Cassino, Dead Heavens featuring Walter Schreifels, and Allison Weiss (full track listing below). The cover art was designed and donated by artist David Foarde (Instagram: @DavidFoarde).

Gravel Kings return to the studio this summer to record their first full-length album with James Paul Wisner, notable gold-record producer who has worked with artists such as Amy Winehouse, Dashboard Confessional, Paramore, Underoath, and New Found Glory. “There’s a lot of planning and new writing techniques going into this project,” says Jones. “We learned so much from working with Wisner on our past EP, Lure. We consider him a fifth member in the studio. He’s really helped us discover our sound.”

Although the band will keep their signature banjo in the mix, fans can expect a shift towards heavier electric guitar, happier lyrics, and more upbeat melodies. “We’ve been stuck on this country boat for too long,” says Jones. “Country has been a major influence, but the genre doesn’t really define us. We’re switching things up and bringing more of an indie rock influence to the new tracks.”

Gravel Kings was formed in 2013, built on the foundations of colorful harmonies, meticulous storytelling, and fundamental Americana. Stuck between the metal communities of Tampa and the dance scenes in Miami, the band has unapologetically carved their own path in the Southern Florida scene. Not really country, nor fully folk – Gravel Kings are a unique subgenre of their own.

1. Anti-Flag – Buried The Shame (DEMO) 01:47
2. Chris Farren – Always 01:58
3. Taking Back Sunday – Just A Man 03:36
4. Potty Mouth – Twisted 02:56
5. Travis Hayes – Honest Man (Live At Nu-Tone) 03:44
6. Gift Of Gab (ft. Taking Back Sunday) – When Justice Comes 02:37
7. Kevin Devine – Both Ways (Acoustic) 02:58
8. Dave Hause – Season’s Greetings From Ferguson 03:14
9. Allison Weiss – Break My Heart 02:41
10. Brett Newski – I’m Paranoid 02:43
11. Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds – Boardin’ USA 02:10
12. Anthony Green – Spanish Moss 03:30
13. James Dewees & John Nolan – Believe In Me 03:28
14. Frank Iero – Getting Into Heaven Can Be Hell 02:04
15. Modern Chemistry – The OverThinker 03:24
16. Baggage – Half Full 04:05
17. Secret Space – Point Of Change 02:57
18. Jared Hart – Heads Or Tails 04:02
19. Cameron Boucher – sinn 02:09
20. Dead Heavens – Straight Outta Blindness 03:36
21. The Republic Of Wolves – Birdless Cage 05:32
22. Answering Machine – City Of Glass 02:38
23. Cassino – Corvette 05:14
24. Rationale – Space Angela 02:58
25. Gravel Kings – American Skies 03:50
26. Sleep On It – Memorial Day 04:32
27. Lolo – The Day After Tomorrow 05:27
For more information and testimonials from the participating artists on why they wanted to be involved, please go to The website was graciously donated by Seven Ages Design.
About Sub City:
Established in 1999, Sub City is the 501(c)(3) charity arm of Hopeless Records. It has raised over 2.3 million dollars for over 60 non-profit organizations by connecting bands and fans to causes they are passionate about. Sub City has been recognized for its efforts by the 110th U.S. Congress, the California Senate, the Los Angeles City Council, the National Association of Retail Merchandisers (NARM), Billboard MagazineAlternative Press Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and many other publications.

About Collective Confusion Records
Collective Confusion Records was founded in New York City in 2010 as an outlet for a frustrated music fan to help his favorite bands get a leg up on the competition. In recent years,Collective Confusion has grown from a passion project to a socially conscious one as well, releasing two charity records Call To Arms 1 and 2 for various charities. Collective Confusion in the years to come will continue to further this mission and bring you music we believe deserves to be heard, and fight for the causes worth fighting for.

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