From The Pit To The Mic: Interview With Shim (Shimon Moore)

When I was provided the opportunity to interview Shim (as Shimon Moore prefers to be called) regarding his new single “Hallelujah”, I was expecting the conversation to focus on the new single and his upcoming album. As we got the interview started and I introduced him, he stopped me and called out that I didn’t mention he was the former singer of Sick Puppies. And he was correct. In my experience, I find artists don’t want to discuss their former bands, and only want to focus on the current. That wasn’t Shim. He was more than willing to talk about the split, his thoughts on why it happened, and how it affected being the artist he is today.

The new single and video “Hallelujah” is an amazing piece of work. The song is energetic, fun, and full of depth. The video itself is funny, entertaining, and, to me, shows a deep message on how Shim was dealing with his own musical career and life. When I brought up the duality during the interview he said I was the first person to ever bring that up. He also talks about the creation of the video working with Sock Puppet Parody. If you haven’t seen the video yet, definitely watch it below:

Shim and I discussed his upcoming album and his decision to release it at his own pace, with no pressure from a record label, and to write music the way he wants to write it. He also confirmed there is a tour coming up that will start in the U.S. (dates to be announced) and he promises a money-back guarantee if you don’t enjoy yourself at one of his shows.

Give a listen to the full 30 minute plus interview to get the full details on the album and tour and also to learn more about Shim and how hard he’s worked to get back to his fans again. You can follow Shim at the following locations:







Bernard Cana

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