From The Pit To The Mic: Interview with David Willie of Ironcore Resistance

Every now and then I come across a band that surprises me. Whether it be from their music, their history, or even the stories they share, Ironcore Resistance is one of those bands. I had the chance to talk to their frontman and guitarist, David Willie. David explains “We’re a hard rock band from western Kentucky. We have the same dreams as all the other rock bands in the world, total domination. Trying to bring the rock to what I would say, and you know I’ll probably get bashed for this, better music than what’s out there now.” David feels that a lot of the music today is “overproduced or writing stuff because their label told them to or because they’re just trying to get attention or trying too hard to make music for other people other than themselves”. It’s an interesting perspective and definitely not the first time I’ve heard an artist say that. David says that Ironcore Resistance “…writes music for us, we write music about our own experiences, we write for other people’s experiences, I mean we write music from the heart”. David wants people to “get that emotional connection again” that he feels has been lost in music today. As an example, David was in the U.S. Army and deployed overseas. Their EP ‘The Peace of War’ came all from his deployment experiences.

What David called a surreal moment was the person who helped get them in front of fans after their first full-length album ‘Join The Resistance’ was released. “Mr. Zakk Wylde himself. He heard us on Twitter and said I like what you’re doing. You know, I’ve been a fan of Black Label since Black Label came out”, referring to Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde’s band. “We made the album and I sent it to him and he was like ‘You know I like it and I can have you all out for some shows’.” And off they went on tour with Black Label Society. David even added, “I picked up a guitar because of Zakk Wylde.”

They signed with Pavement Entertainment and released their album ‘For The Fallen’ on July 27th. David says the album still has a lot of their military themes due to the fact he writes about his experiences as a soldier but with this album he tried to write more for those who have never served in the Armed Forces, “I’m trying to write different songs to reach them more and bring them into my world so to speak.” He feels that the military gets misconstrued a lot by the media and by people who “just don’t get it”. He wants people to understand “We should be proud of where we came from regardless of who’s in charge, regardless of who’s doing what. We try not to be too political about it but we’re an American rock band. We represent America and we represent rock.” It was obvious to me talking with him how proud he is to be an American and how much he loves our country.

When it came to his favorite songs off this album, he personally loves “Rise” and “Tears of Yesterday”. “Tears of Yesterday” definitely caught my attention because it is a slower song and some people might find it more commercially acceptable, but to me, it’s just a great rock ballad. “Drive” is another of my favorites from this album.

Ironcore Resistance though has one of the more unique histories for a band. “My uncle started this band in 1968. He’s the one that came up with the name for it.” During his uncle’s (Joe Paul Willie) time the band primarily played as a cover band for friends and family. When I asked David why they chose to continue his uncle’s band’s name he explained “It’s kind of like the military, it’s kind of like a legacy thing. I found some family photos and I found a band picture that had all of them in it….and I said that’s the most genius of names for a band.” “That’s been my drive the whole time,” he went on, “get to where my dad and my uncle were trying to take it back then and trying to finish it all the way out.” Those members that are still alive have been proud where David has taken the band so far. But when I asked about the support in their local hometown he laughed “It’s country and blueglass and covers. And there’s like one bar we can play at because we’re too heavy.” David said it was disheartening not to have more support from his own hometown.

David said tour dates will be coming but couldn’t release any details yet. He refers to themselves as “road dogs” as they absolutely love to tour. Their first single from ‘For The Fallen’ titled “Halfway There” is currently getting radio play. So what does David want to accomplish next? “I want a Grammy.” And he was absolutely serious. As for new things in David life for possible writing experience is he’s in a relationship for the past 9 months and she’s been very supportive of his work.

The one thing David wants people to take away from the interview is “I want people to go out to live shows. Regardless if it’s our shows or anybody’s shows people need to start getting out more and enjoying the music as that is the soundtracks to their lives.”

I strongly recommend checking out Ironcore Resistance’s new album as it is a great album. You can find the bands at the following locations:


Facebook: Ironcore Resistance

Twitter: ironcoreresist

Instagram: Ironcore Resistance

Their album can be found at all physical and digital distributors. And David wanted to give a shout out to Terrapin Station in Murrary, KY that is an old school record store. You can listen to the full 27 minute interview with David in the widget below.

Bernard Cana

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