From The Pit To The Crowd: Red with 10 Years and Otherwise

Sunday, October 29th, I was beyond excited to cover one of my favorite bands coming to House of Blues Orlando, 10 Years. They are touring with Red and opening support Otherwise. When I arrived at the venue it was already a large crowd outside. Once I got inside, the House of Blues floor was already filled and the remaining fans were quickly moving inside to get as close to the stage as possible. It was a nearly sold-out show and the fans were ready to be rocked.

Otherwise was the opening band that night. The band from Las Vegas, NV formed in 2003 and independently released their self-titled album in 2006. In 2009 they released an EP titled ‘Some Kind of Alchemy’. It wouldn’t be until years that the band signed a record deal with Century Media Records. In 2012 the band released their first album with Century Media titled “True Love Never Dies”. The album made an impact on the Billboard charts reaching #2 on the Heatseekers chart. ‘Peace At All Costs’ was released in 2014 and made it’s way to #13 on the U.S. Rock chart. On September 22nd, the band released their latest album ‘Sleeping Lions’. Otherwise is Adrian Patrick (vocals), Ryan Patrick (guitar), Tony Carboney (bass), and Brian Mederios (drums).

I hadn’t heard of them prior to that night and they walked on stage to small cheer from the crowd, primarily from fans who were familiar with them. They opened up with “Weapons” from their new album ‘Sleeping Lions’. Though it started off slow by the time they get rolling Ryan’s guitar play rips out and absolutely caught my attention. Patrick’s vocals grabbed me and the crowd right away. You could see the crowd started paying attention to the band after a few notes into the song. They followed up “Meet Me In The Dark” from ‘Peace At All Costs’. Again, the song starts off slow and slowly builds up into their hard rock song. It’s a catchy tune lyrically and musically has some great hooks and riffs that you easily find yourself singing along with them. And the crowd was singing along and moving. They went right into “Coming For The Throne” also from ‘Peace At All Costs’.

I was really liking Otherwise the more they went on. First, Adrian has such a clear vocal and projects it so easily. Along with that, Adrian is very charismatic on stage and works the crowd by moving around on stage and even played to the photographers that night. Second, their sound is great. They write their songs to hook you in and not let you go. You’ll find yourself either singing along or moving to their music. And that night, by midway through their set, they had everyone on the floor in focus and rocking out. Finally, they have fun on stage. The band moves around on stage and you can see from their smiles how much they love what they get to do. By the time they finished their set, they definitely made a large group of new fans, including myself. The applause they received when they left the stage was tremendous. Their setlist also included “Suffer”, “Die For You”, “Sleeping Lions”, and “Won’t Stop”.

Next up was 10 Years the rock band from Knoxville, TN who’s been going since 1999. When the band first formed they had a different vocalist who departed before they recruited Jesse Hasek. By 2001 they independently released ‘Into The Half Moon’ and in 2004 released ‘Killing All That Holds You’. They attracted the attention of Universal Records who signed them in 2005. The band released that same year ‘The Autumn Effect’. The first single off the album, “Wasteland”, would stay active on the rock charts for a year and instantly launched the band’s recognition. Their second album, ‘Division’, was released in 2008 with the first single being “Beautiful”. ‘Shoot It Out’ was released in 2010 with the title track being the first single. All through these years, the band’s successful albums had them tour with bands such as Shinedown, Mudvayne, and Breaking Benjamin. The band parted ways and released their next two albums “Minus The Machine” and “From Birth To Burial” on their own label Palehorse Records. There were signs pointing towards the band retiring after “From Birth To Burial”, but an offer from Mascot Records was too good to pass up. They made some lineup changes and worked on ‘(How To Live) As Ghosts’, which was released on October 27, 2017. Now, Jesse Hasek (vocals), Brian Vodinh (guitar), Matt Wantland (guitar), Chad Huff (bass), and Kyle Mayer (drums) were ready to rock the stage again.

10 Years came out ready to rock with “Chasing The Rapture” from ‘Feeding The Wolves’. Jesse’s unique vocals sounded amazing and the band was sounded perfect. The crowd was ready to rock with them bouncing and singing along. They followed up with one of my favorite songs by them, “Fix Me” also from ‘Feeding The Wolves’. This song allows Jesse to show off his vocal range with some really high pitched notes and though it’s not a fast rock song, it has that 10 Years style fans recognize. This is a band that doesn’t have to play fast to deliver a hard rock performance. Brian, Matt, and Chad delivery a stellar blend through this song and the fans were screaming back the lyrics to them while they performed. They then played “Burnout” from the latest release ‘(How To Live) As Ghosts’. Once again, 10 Years delivered a song so spot on for their style of music.

You could see on stage that 10 Years looked invigorated to be on stage again. They were delivering the performance of a lifetime and the fans greatly appreciated it. The band’s setlist provided a nice mixture of songs through their history including “Dancing With The Dead”, “Beautiful”, “Tightrope”, and “Phantoms”. And then the band surprised us with something we never expected; a cover tune. 10 Years has never been a band to perform or record cover but they delivered one that night that was beyond amazing. When Jesse started singing the opening lyrics to “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana the crowd went insane. It was delivered in 10 Year’s style and sound while still keeping the song intact and recognizable. Even better, they followed up with an alternative version of their #1 single “Wasteland”. They kept it at a much slower pace while still keeping the song intact. But, when they reached towards the end the band ripped it loose. They rocked it so hard they literally shook the House of Blues. I felt the vibration through my feet and when they were done they received a standing ovation (for those who had seats) and screams beyond compare. They finished out the set with “Shoot It Out”, “Novacaine”, and “Actions & Motives”. It was an amazing set from a band who looks ready to go back on the rise.

Finally, the headliner, Red, was ready to take the stage. The band formed in 2002 out of Nashville, TN. Two identical twin brothers Randy and Anthony Armstrong and Michael Barnes met in elementary school. They remained friends and started putting together the musical sound to form the band Red. The signed with the Provident Label Group and released their first album ‘End of Silence’ in 2006. It reached #15 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. ‘Innocence & Instinct’ was released in 2009 and made a huge impact entering the Billboard 200 at #15 in its first week. ‘Until We Have Faces’ was released in 2011 and entered the Billboard 200 at #2. ‘Release The Panic’ in 2012 and ‘Of Beauty and Rage’ in 2015. Now, the band was touring off their new album ‘Gone’ released in 2017.

When Michael Barnes (vocals, keyboards), Anthony Armstrong (guitar), Randy Armstrong (bass), and touring member Dan Johnson (drums) took the stage the crowd was electrified. The band played hard and loud providing the House of Blues crowd a set they wouldn’t forget. Some of their setlist included “Step Inside the Violence”, “Faceless”, “Fracture”, “Death of Me”, “Feed The Machine”, “Gone”, and finished with “Losing Control”.

The crowd was treated to a spectacular performance from all three bands that night. It was definitely a night to remember and may have been one of the best shows at House of Blues in 2017.

Bernard Cana

Bernard is a photographer based out of Orlando, FL. He started photographing models 5 years ago and felt the need for a change of pace. In July 2016 he was introduced to band photography and immediately found a passion for it. Bernard primarily covered performances at local venues. He joined in October 2016 as a photographer and writer covering both bands on tour and local bands. If you are interested in having Bernard cover your shows you may reach out to him here: E-mail: Facebook: Instagram:

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