From The Pit To The CD: Trivium – The Sin and The Sentence

Photo by Justin Borucki


Trivium is a band that is no stranger to success. Their last album, ‘Silence in the Snow’, released in 2015 hit the Top 20 on the Billboard 200. Their single “Until the World Goes Cold” garnered millions of streams on Spotify making it their most successful single to date. Past albums have sold millions of copies. Then on August 1st, the band blew up the Internet with the single release of the title track and video of “The Sin and The Sentence”. Both video and streams racked up over one million hits in just under 4 weeks. The band announced their eighth studio album to be released on October 20th.  They followed that up with the announcement of a Europe tour in Germany playing at Wacken Open Air and then a North American tour for the new album, kicking it off in their home town of Orlando, FL and August 27th. Trivium started a spark back on August 1st and today, October 20th, with the release of ‘The Sin and the Sentence’ ignited a blaze.

Matt Heafy (vocals, guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass), and Alex Bent (drums), went out to California for a month to record the album. Matt stated in an interview with Rick Florino “We have to make the best record of our career right now.” And they did. Trivium has absolutely outdid themselves with the effort they put in and the end result shows.

The album opens up with the title track “The Sin and the Sentence” with some ripping power drumming from Alex before Matt comes in with some heart felt, powerful vocals. Hearing Matt sing “You condem me because you don’t understand me” brings some light to the song. In that same interview with Rick, Matt stated about the title track “The idea is condemnation, being ostracized, being pushed aside, and not quite understanding how to deal with those feelings.” It is some of the best vocals I’ve heard from Matt and the addition of intermixed screaming vocals adds to the intensity of the song. And with Corey and Paolo musically adding in their talents, it makes it one hell of way to kick off an album.

The theme of condemnation also comes across in one of my favorite songs “The Heat From Your Hate”. A great melodic song with very powerful lyrics that Matt lays out with raw emotion. Hearing the lyrics “Maybe you were right, maybe I was wrong, I’ve been silent for far too long” and “What will it take, to rip the heart from your hate” puts it all in perspective. Paolo lays out an thundering bass line throughout the song that makes you want to bounce around but then Corey slows it with some soft guitar string before they rock it out during the chorus. I absolutely love this song.

One of the other tracks I immediately became hooked to was “Betrayer”. It gets a lot more into the metal sound with Matt screaming vocals taking a big part but also mixing it with his clear sound. Once again, it’s a song you can feel the emotion through his vocals and the lyrics. “I don’t know what I expected, Was our time even real? Your callous heart never seemed affected, Does a liar even know how to feel?” Alex lays down one of the fastest drum tracks I’ve heard in a while and it absolutely sets the tone of the song.

Ffrom end to end, this album is hard hitting, heart pounding, raw emotional metal. It’s 11 tracks that you’ll find yourself listening to over and over again. Fans of Trivium will absolutely love it. Those new to Trivium will appreciate this album and then getting to know their prior albums. This album is a must listen, buy, own, whichever way you need to get your hands on it. You won’t regret it.


Bernard Cana

Bernard is a photographer based out of Orlando, FL. He started photographing models 5 years ago and felt the need for a change of pace. In July 2016 he was introduced to band photography and immediately found a passion for it. Bernard primarily covered performances at local venues. He joined in October 2016 as a photographer and writer covering both bands on tour and local bands. If you are interested in having Bernard cover your shows you may reach out to him here: E-mail: Facebook: Instagram:

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