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Why do we love music? Because it comes from everywhere. Sometimes we are disappointed when we hear something randomly sent our way, other times we are mind-blown while hearing something that we never knew existed. Today, we look at one of those mind-blowing artists. A couple days ago, we received in our Facebook page an invite to listen to Tony’s EP. We receive several invites a week through FB, and while we try to listen to and respond back to all of them, sometimes things get missed in the flow. It is with great pleasure that I am happy to say Tony’s album did not get missed. I found myself starting my Sunday morning listening to an amazing progressive mix of unending rock with a mixture of funk that could not be matched. My only regret about this EP was the fact that it was over almost as soon as it started. I was left with many questions, like “Who is Tony?”, “ Where can I hear more?”, “How has the world not heard this before?”. I reached out to Tony via Facebook, asked some questions and found out a bit more about him.

Tony, based in Joliet Ill, has an experimental sound that takes inspiration from every genre, whether that’s rock, pop, jazz or country, He tries to experiment as much as he can to create what can hopefully be his own creative sound. (This is something we really appreciate at the DMR!). I asked Tony if he would be releasing any more music soon, his response was an enthusiastic “I hope so! But, I would like to let this current album sink in first.” I also asked if he played many shows locally, to which he modestly replied “Not yet, I don’t have a live band to perform with just yet, but it’d be cool to start practicing and playing shows!”

I can talk all day about how awesome someone sounds, but to appreciate this unique sound yourself, you have to hear it to decide how amazing it truly is.

You can find a copy here: https://tonymusicpls.bandcamp.com/releases.
You can also find Tony here:

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