EP Review: “Measure” EP by UK Rockers Chronicles

Do you remember the band that first introduced you to metal music? Not just a song on the radio, but an album that you simply had to hear again and again, lest the world around you fall apart. Do you recall that thought- actually more of a feeling: “This is what metal is all about”. I thought I lost that emotional response to metal. Today I was reminded of what that felt like again. Coming across my desk this morning all the way from the UK’s East Midlands was Chronicles’ EP “The Measure”.

The EP opened up fast and hard, with a song aptly named Day Vs. Knight; a fast, well paced tribute to the recent Superman Vs. Batman movie. Like the movie, the flow is constant, frenetic at times and leaves you wanting more. The guitar solo will make you want to listen to this song over and over again. The song has an almost familiar ring to it,some may liken the sound to Iron Maiden; while not exactly a perfect comparison, it is likely to feel the inspiration behind the powerful chords that hit like a shock and awe attack on your ears.

The Second song, Funboy- a name not heard since The Crow was in the theaters in the 90’s brings back that  now familiar shock and awe feeling immediately. Also a very late 90’s feel takes this song way over the top as my favorite song from this EP. The guitar solos bring out the best of this EP. It is fast, brutal and keeps you wanting more.

The albums namesake: The Measure is the final song on the EP and it holds it weight against the two previous songs. Starting off with the now familiar fast pace and dropping into heavy vocals fast and pretentiously owning the EP as it naturally should.

Of the 3 songs on the EP,  Funboy takes my vote as the best, with the two other songs too close together to realistically compete with second place. I look forward to hearing more from Chronicles, they have their own style that makes metal fun again.Chronicles_The_Measure_EP_Artwork_jpeg


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