Dreaming Awake releases video to support “Friction Lives” set to launch April 14


Dreaming Awake


   Tucson, Arizona is in the heart of the Sonoran desert, Just south of Phoenix; A home  of emerging artists of all genres of music. One would not expect to find  a vast array of musical talent in a town known for  college football and its penchant for attracting northern visitors during the winter endearingly called snowbirds.  Tucson has what I believe is the best and most eclectic mixture of artists and  rising bands amalgamated in a way i have not seen in a city not attached to multiple smaller cities, like Phoenix or Los Angeles.

  One emerging band stands out from the crowd, leaping forward and becoming a force to reckon with. Dreaming Awake has just released a single from their upcoming album “Friction Lives”. The album will be released on April 14th , from label Imminence Records. We had  a chance to check out the first single, aptly titled ” Friction” featuring Jeremy Gilmore of Sycamore.   RevolverMag.com premiered the video on Febuary 16th, and it had garnered quite a bit of attention.  Check it out here :


The video was first released here.


  I was able to catch Dreaming Awake live in 2015, when they opened for I prevail in Tucson. I was surprised by the not so subtle power behind the band, and wanted to hear more even back then. I was not surprised when i heard they were signed by a label, and my only question was “Why didn’t it happen sooner?”.  Locally in Tucson, the band has a  surprisingly large following of fans, and with  ‘Friction Lives”,  I believe they will soon be the band to watch for on tour, and at festivals playing to fans worldwide.


Dreaming Awake is fronted by Vaughn Bell,  A charismatic singer that spares no expense when it comes to the range of vocals that emerge from within him.  I had a chance to ask him some questions:

Q:  First off, I wanted to tell you the First single, Friction is amazing, and relatable.  What can we expect from the rest of the album?

VB: Thank you!  Expect the real. We took a lot of time writing the most honest, vulnerable, heartfelt album possible. The idea of the album revolves around the idea of pain, and conflict, or “friction”. We dive deep into the areas of addiction, heartbreak, and losing someone close to you. Although these very ideas are dark, the title track friction is the resolution, the light at the end of the tunnel,, it’s about being at the cause and not at the effect of your life, moving along with your friction as opposed to resisting it. There’s a beautiful transformational  element that only pain and hardship can give you, and that’s when you truly live.


Q: How long have you been making music?

VB: In Dreaming Awake, going on six years. Before that, I was posting Youtube vocal covers of all of my favorite bands,which is ultimately what  led to me being in a band. In total, 9 years.


 Q: Dreaming Awake has a huge following, and i expect it will grow by leaps and bounds after “Friction Lives” drops in April.  Can your fans expect you to tour soon?

VB:  I can’t say much about that topic, but expect some news in that area soon!


Q: I understand Dreaming Awake’s members all come from different local bands, can you tell us a little bit about your band’s history and how you were able to get together to form the powerhouse Dreaming Awake is today?

VB: There’s a few different eras of Dreaming Awake. Initially it was the guitarist Phil Lepisto and I with an entirely different line up when we were all teenagers, then later became the Circumstances EP era that inevitably parted ways due to lifestyle differences and musical differences. Julienne Cordero, our singer, has been a dear friend and brother to us since the earliest stages of the band, as he was in what we called our sister band Pause Before The Panic. We were finally in a position where it made absolute sense for him to join the band. Andrew Demelo was crushing it in a few bands as a drummer that we had played shows with, and were very fortunate to find him when he was freshly out of a different band.


Q :Can we expect any more singles off the upcoming album?

VB: I can’t quite say at this time, but quite possibly!


Check out Dreaming Awake on their social media and  grab their album “Friction Lives” on April 14th.






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