DESECRESY set release date for new XTREEM MUSIC album, reveal first track

Desecresy – Finland’s heaviest, darkest, and most eerie death metal band – is back with their fifth opus, entitled The Mortal Horizon, which is set for international release on August 14th via Xtreem Music, who released their four previous albums.

Always formed by two members, Desecresy is now a one-man band. Tommy Grönqvist has always written all music and played all instruments, and now he’s taking care of vocal duties in an even more growling and guttural way. The style of Desecresy remains as usual: dark, putrid, and hypnotizing death metal with doomy elements, reminiscent of bands like Abhorrence (Finland), Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Derketa, Rippikoulu, Grave, Incantation, and Rottrevore among others.

As a leadup to The Mortal Horizon‘s release, the first track “Amidst” has been revealed, and can be heard at Xtreem Music‘s official YouTube channel HERE as well as the label’s Soundcloud HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Desecresy’s The Mortal Horizon

1. Amidst
2. Horizon Blazing
3. Percussive Necromancy
4. Excavation
5. Concealed Depths
6. Atrophoid
7. Telekinetic Ignition
8. Perpetual Waves
9. Approaching Infinity 


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