Debut Lyric Video of Minerva is finally OUT!

MINERVA debut lyric video is now online:


Written & created by “Davide Cilloni” for “Eklipse Media”

“The concept behind the video is about the precarious arrangement between war and peace, the positions and actions taken by governments and people themselves. As a band we all have a very precise idea about the subject, and we wanted to put this into words. For all those that come in contact with our project, the idea is to attract interest in trying to make them think that this situation is completely wrong. We all know that violence generates violence, we are killing our hopes and lives… following which principles? Whose Ideas?
In the video and in our graphics, there are men with dog heads, this symbolizes the submission of people to the few “rulers” of the world who make skillful moves to achieve their own interests, pretending that everything is right and that everything is fine. Minerva, on the other hand, is a symbol of hope, a fearless struggle against all of this, a model example to follow.”


is a metalcore / post rock band founded in London, UK

“Everything started in 2016 when we decided to change our lives, to follow the passion that has kept us together all these years. We moved from Italy to UK, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. We decided to call our band Minerva, like the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, and shaped the identity of the group in wanting to spread our belief to the world: open our eyes, no more drowsiness, fight for peace and equality, have ideals and restore the world from all the mess made during the centuries by wicked human beings. This is a new beginning for us, follow our social pages, news coming soon.”


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