Dead Rabbitts Release “This Emptiness” Band’s Sophomore Album Hops Up The Charts

Dead Rabbitts Release “This Emptiness”
Band’s sophomore album hops up the charts
     The Dead Rabbitts are proud to release their highly anticipated Tragic Hero Records sophomore album, “This Emptiness.” The band stayed quiet after their label debut, “Shapeshifter,” was released in 2014. However, Dead Rabbitts are back stronger than ever.
     Craig Mabbitt has made a name for himself in the scene with his previous projects blessthefall and The Word Alive, as well as being the current frontman for Escape The Fate. The Dead Rabbitts allow Mabbitt to experiment with different styles of music and acts as a personal outlet for the vocalist. In a conversation talking about the album, he shared, “I dove into some dark corners of my mind for this one.” Since the last record, Mabbitt underwent various life changes, all of which are showcased in his lyrics,
     “No going back to what it was before no regrets, no remorse. I’m overdue for a change of course.”
     It is a Good Friday as “This Emptiness” has been hopping up the iTunes charts since its release at midnight. The record is currently #3, #15 and #119 on the Metal, Rock and Overall charts respectively.
     Physical copies of the album are available at Merchbucket, as well as digitally on all major platforms.
About Dead Rabbitts
     The Dead Rabbitts are a metalcore super group from Phoenix, AZ. The band is comprised of Craig Mabbitt (Escape the Fate), TJ Bell (Escape the Fate, Motionless in White), and Rob Pierce . The music is largely reminiscent of Mabbitt’s previous groups Blessthefall and The Word Alive with Mabbitt telling AltPress “this is what I wanted to do with The Word Alive.” It’s a heavier bombardment of sound than Escape The Fate fans will be used to, but is still filled with plenty of hooks and harmonies.
     After the release of their first EP Edge of Reality (produced by Caleb Shomo of Attack, Attack! and Beartooth) and a successful tour with Get Scared, The Dead Rabbitts signed with Tragic Hero Records. “It pretty much fell into place”, says Mabbitt. “I called Escape The Fate’s old manager. I said, ‘If you’re interested, why don’t you manage this project?’ He said, ‘Cool. Well, I’m managing A Skylit Drive right now and they’re on Tragic Hero. Show me some songs.” So I did, and everybody loved them.
     Mabbitt and The Dead Rabbitts immediately began work on a full-length album with Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Motionless in White) in Ocala, Florida. “Wade took a lot of the songs and fucking killed it, in a good way,” says Mabbitt. “He took one of my least-favorite songs that we recorded, and now it’s the whole band’s favorite. It’s crazy how much something so simple can completely change a song.” The album is entitled Shapeshifter (out 2014) and is even heavier and faster than Edge of Reality. The record also features a sexually charged raucous tune with Ashley Costello of New Years Day.
     After staying quiet for three years, 2017 was the return of the Rabbitts as the band premiered, “Dead Again”, off their upcoming album ‘This Emptiness’.
The record is a personal outlet for Mabbitt while he touches on his own struggles as explained to AP, “The past two years of my life, just personally, have been pretty crazy, [There were] a lot of changes I was trying to make that ultimately just made me very, very unhappy.” While the subject matter may be dark, Mabbitt is hopeful for the future, “The main line in the chorus [of the title track] ends with, ‘This emptiness gives me room to grow.’ So it’s very optimistic. It goes to some dark places, but [is] just all around optimistic about it.”
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