Coming soon: Date From Hell

Currently making the rounds in the festival circuit is Date From Hell, an epic mini masterpiece created by Runescarred’s Ven Scott. I was able to catch a sneak peek at Date From Hell and when it started, I expected another slasher flick. I was in for a surprise. I do not want to give away the ending, or ruin this surprise; I will say this short film is more Tales From the Crypt Meets Metal than your average slasher film!

Running at just under twelve minutes, “Date From Hell” is currently being submitted to festivals across the U.S., Canada and beyond. Filmed over a period of three nights in Llano, Texas the goal was to create a film clearly inspired by 1980’s horror masters. Of the film Scott says, “This became way more than I imagined. Much bigger than I hoped, and I am incredibly proud of this. The friendship and guidance from both Brandon Torres cinematographer/producer) and Tracee Beebe (co-writer/producer) was and remains immeasurable. I can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

Scott adds that he hopes to make the film available to the public late in 2019, after the festival circuit has completed for the film.

Catch the trailer here:

“Date From Hell” Horror Short Teaser Trailer from Amadon-Shannon Media Group on Vimeo.


Bobby and Susie find themselves on the worst date ever, pursued by a lone drifter with murder on his mind. The drifter is unrelenting, relishing the hunt and claiming his victims.

Ava L’Amoreaux– Susie
Samuel Brett Howard–  Bobby
Ven Scott– Writer/Director
Tracee Beebe– Co-Writer/Producer
Brandon Torres– Cinematographer/Producer



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