Brett Newski Explains Why Macho Culture Will Destroy Music As We Know It In New Video”Bro Country” The Worst Of Brett Newski out April 28th

“Newski rocks in the grand tradition of Billy Bragg (and, more recently, Frank Turner), blending the sound of driving folk into songs that have the spirit (and occasionally the sound) of punk.” –The A.V. Club

“He manages to come off as vulnerable (without all that emo baggage), extremely witty (“D.I.Y.,” is still one of the finest songs ever written about the realities of playing a show) andsmartwithoutpretention. Newski’s lyrical voice recalls everyone from Randy Newman to Loudon Wainwright, III, a claim few of his contemporaries can brag about.” –New Noise Magazine

Brett Newski
Explains Why Macho Culture Will Destroy Music As We Know It
In New Video”Bro Country”
The Worst Of Brett Newski out April 28th
"Bro Country" by Brett Newski

“Kurt Cobain’s a p*ssy, Taylor Swift is The Man” sings Brett Newski in his latest animated video/single “Bro Country“. The song takes a comical crack at the dark underbelly of commercial music where analytics, formula-songwriting, and lowest-common denominators reign supreme. “Bro Country”, which premiered Friday on ArtistDirect, is produced by Cartoon Crumbs and animated by Michael A. Way. It portrays the story of a struggling singer-songwriter transformed by the Industry’s “Bro Maker” machine, complete with chest waxing, fake tans, and “fake brands.” Along the way, we see the fleeting highs and harsh lows of a process that puts artists in a position where they “exist to be replaced”, Newski sings. Also featured are animated cameos by legends like Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, and Dave Grohl.

Going deeper, yet still retaining his trademark humor, Newski explains “‘Bro Country’ is a Hollywood hit machine of formula perfection that hooks deep into the human psyche and never lets go,” in his exclusive interview with ArtistDirect. He continues to proclaim (and perhaps warn?) that “It is a drug. It is a hard drug. If you are not addicted, you will be soon. So grab a Bud Light, some hair gel, and a barbed-wire tattoo, it’s time to get f***ed up. Jello shots.”

Photo Credit: Cortney Armitage

“Bro Country”’ is taken from Brett Newski’s upcoming LP The Worst of Brett Newski out April 28th. The album crawls into the minds of our society picking apart the displeasures of outdated ideologies – whether it’s talking about politics (“Make America Great Again“), materialism (“Black Friday Totally Sucks“), or the purgatory of paycheck-to-paycheck workforce (“Quit Your Job“). The Worst of Brett Newski provides much-needed commentary in volatile times.

Coming off his most recent album Land, Air, Sea, Garage, which was an exploration of powerpop and indie rock melodies, Newski has changed his tone on this album to a more raunchy folk-punk sound, resonating with the listener by critiquing society’s faults through humor. The appropriately-timed paean to the Austin-based Springtime music convention, “I Don’t Wanna Go To SXSW” changes the pace of the record by skewering the maligned-as-of-late festival in his classic charmingly self-effacing Newski style. The hilarious song “Fuck You Spotify” snarkily addresses the deterioration of the music industry business model of streaming revenue.

The Worst of Brett Newski will be independently released on April 28, 2017.

1. Dead To Me
2. Bro Country
3. I’m Paranoid
4. Make America Great Again
5. I Don’t Wanna Go To SXSW
6. Crusty Adventures
7. Don’t Be An Asshole
8. Fuck you Spotify
9. Quit Your Job
10. Black Friday Totally Sucks
11.Whisky & Blow
5/5 – Satanist Church of Iowa – Cedar Rapids, IA
5/6 – Des Moines Social Club outside – Des Moines, IA (day 1pm)
5/6 – The Warming House – MPLS, MN (night)
5/9 – Rumba Cafè – Columbus, OH
5/11 – Calvin Center for the Arts – Youngstown, OH
5/12 – Fountain Square Brewery – Indianapolis, IN
5/13 – Shank Hall – Milwaukee, WI

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