BloodFest presented by Squad Up Events 10-7-17

Ravers from all over Arizona will gather together under the desert sky for a Halloween celebration for the 14th annual BloodFest. This annual event will once again reunite friends to get completely drenched in blood. The stars will be shining bright and the music bumping hard. Squad Up Events plans for this year to be their best yet. Symon Says a top level BloodFest organizer said, “In an everlasting effort to keep a steadily growing annual event like Bloodfest underground we have chosen to have the event in an ultra new and ultra secret location,”. They are working hard putting in all the finishing touches for the 2017 edition; more dancers, more speakers, and more blood. DJ Butters who is performing Saturday said, “This year I am most excited for the diverse line up, compiled of some of Arizona’s most talented artists of the underground.” Another performer DJ Versa reminisces about the first BloodFest, “My introduction into BloodFest was actually the very first BloodFest ever put on in 2004. It was epic there was a live suspension marriage (in which a couple got married while being suspended from hooks and wires). It was one of the most epic parties I’ve ever been to in my whole entire life and I can’t wait to play at BloodFest (2017).” Talent for this show will include, Atom Energy, Skawlien, Mangled, Versa, Butters, Kolori, Iam Stranger, and will be hosted by Doctor MD and Symon Says. Get married to your best friend by Reverend Reed Johnson. This year Squad Up has taken the show on the road to other states, most recently in Colorado, and soon in New Mexico. Bloodfest in Arizona, is October 7th in a top secret location. Cover will be 15 at the door, but discounted tickets are available online at


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