BARBARIC HORDE set release date for new WAR ARTS tape, reveal first track

Today, War Arts Productions sets August 4th as the international release date for Barbaric Horde‘s highly anticipated second strike, Tainted Impurity, on cassette tape. Early last year, this Portuguese duo assaulted the underground with its debut demo, Gasmask Perpetrators. Released by War Arts and aptly fucking titled, Gasmask Perpetrators incited rapturous obeisance among diehards who worship at the altar of Black Witchery, Profanatica, and Archgoat. And now, yet another aptly-fucking-titled tape arrives in the form of Tainted Impurity. Taking the warring bestiality of its predecessor one step further, here Barbaric Horde are both more unhinged and more martial, unleashing wave upon wave of unfettered filth with total arrogance, exercising mastery over their maelstrom whilst clawing deep within the caverns of chaos. It’s the sound of bestial and (yes) barbaric black metal torn asunder and rebuilt upon a throne of purity – or indeed, Tainted Impurity. Submit to Barbaric Horde‘s war-mongering violence or forever cower in fear… First submission can be heard HERE at War Arts‘ Soundcloud with the telltale track “Bestial Offender.” Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Barbaric Horde’s Tainted Impurity
1. Bestial Offensor
2. Death the First Option
3. Impulse to Attack
4. SDD (Sulfuric Death Demons)
5. Morbid Rape


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