Band of Lovers “American Tour” out now!


Band of Lovers American Tour out now!

U.S. dates underway

Out today, Band of Lovers American Tour is a portrait of, and an ode to, the country in its raw, loving, and honest state; layered in three-part harmonies, lush string arrangements, stripped down acoustics, and magnetically poetic lyrics. Written in truck stops and campgrounds, national forests and sea shores, the record unveils the unique bond of three musicians blossoming—with an invitation to let us join in on their journey. A U.S. tour in support of the release is currently underway.

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It began in 2013 in New York, when composer Dave Strumfeld and lyricist Sabina Beachdell took their 10-year history to the road as full-time musicians. Two years later, the addition of percussionist/vocalist Liliana Urbain brought the now-trio to an entirely new level.

Since then the band has performed over six hundred shows in thirty five states, visited eighteen national parks, and brought joy to seniors by performing a review of timeless classics at over one hundred retirement homes across the country.

When the time came to track the record, the trio gave their 1997 Dodge van a well-earned rest in the driveway of Sonart Recording Studio outside of Woodstock, NY, where the album was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tom Rosato (Technical Director of the Bardavon Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY).

During the fleeting, stationary moments of their great American tour was born a record electric with a sense of freedom and lightness of movement. “All of these songs were written from the road, and feed the wanderlust, and the lonesome joy of it,” says Beachdell. “I want to give people the country as we see it, as we feel it, alive and glorious and heartbreakingly beautiful.”

Band of Lovers on tour:

Jun 01 Californos                                            Kansas City, MO                             Jun 03 Badfish Festival                                  Garrettsville, OH
Jun 08 Red Sky Stage                                    Petoskey, MI
Jun 09 Nor-East’r Music Festival                    Mio, MI
Jun 16 Stroll The Streets                                Boyne City, MI
Jun 16 Hoodilidoo                                           Bangor, MI
Jun 18 C3                                                       Grand Haven, MI
Jun 24 The Upside Down House Concert     Indianapolis, IN                                Jun 29 Schwonk Sound Stead                       Port Huron, MI
Jun 30 20 Front Street                                    Lake Orion, MI
Jul 01  20 Front Street                                    Lake Orion, MI
Jul 03  Algonac Lions Club                             Algonac, MI
Jul 06  M Cellars                                             Geneva, OH
Jul 11  Hospitality House Concert                  Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 15  Rockwood Music Hall                         New York, NY
Jul 16  Folk Across the Street                        Egg Harbor City, NJ



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