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From the Pit to the Crowd: Sevendust with Red Sun Rising and Soulswitch

On New Year’s Eve 2016 you weren’t going to find a bigger rock show then what was planned at the House of Blues Orlando. WJRR was hosting their “Big Friggin’Eve” show with Sevendust headlining and be supported by Red Sun Rising and local Orlando band

From the Pit to the Crowd: Barb Wire Dolls

Sunday, December 11th, I had plans to attend another concert at The Haven. For those new to my column, The Haven is a local venue in the Orlando, FL area (technically Winter Park), that has been hosting shows for the past 12 years or so.

From the Pit to the Crowd: The Goo Goo Dolls with Rachel Platten, Colbie Collait, and Blue October

On Wednesday, December 7th, the All I Want for Christmas show was being hosted at House of Blues in Orlando, FL starring The Goo Goo Dolls. I was very excited for this show. I grew up listening to the Goo Goo Dolls so getting the

From the Pit to the Crowd: The Naked and Famous with Xylo and The Chain Gang of 1974

During Thanksgiving week I was traveling to Georgia to visit my parents. With a couple of days up there I thought it would be fun to photograph a show. It’s not often I’m up that way and the Atlanta area is a constant stream of

From the Pit to the Crowd: September Mourning with Meka Nism

Monday, September 28th was on my radar for weeks. It was not only another photo opportunity but a chance to see Meka Nism and September Mourning, who is currently on tour. I know multiple people who have seen September Mourning and all of them said

From the Pit to the Crowd: Daybreak Embrace

I started my band photography with what most people call local bands. These are bands from your city who usually play at smaller venues. Local bands success ranges from only playing in their own cities to going on full tours on their own. There are some

From the Pit to the Crowd: The Pretty Reckless with Them Evils and Holy White Hounds

The Pretty Reckless, currently on tour supporting the album Who You Selling For, stopped at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL on Friday, November 4th. I was approved for a photo pass for the show through The Pretty Reckless’ publicist 2 weeks ago and