The Coyote Premieres ‘Bad Killer’ EP on V13

The Coyote
Debuts New EP Bad Killer
Streaming Alongside Exclusive Track by Track
Listen Now on V13
Out Everywhere This Friday, December 3rd
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San Diego, CA – Dec 2, 2021 – Writer, composer, and manifold crafter The Coyote has teamed up with V13 to share his EP, Bad Killer, a day ahead of its official release. Fans can stream the EP now alongside an exclusive track by track hereBad Killer is set to be released this Friday, December 3rd, 2021 and features recent singles “Stranger Danger,” “Night Drive,” “The Ghost That You Are,” and “Girls Won’t Sleep (feat Chrystabell).” For more information, please visit:
On the new EP, The Coyote mastermind Elan Levy shares: “Bad Killer has run as a mystery radio series from 1956 until now… brought to the silver screen by The Coyote Pictures of Hollywood, CA. It is one helluva ghost story — set on a haunted frontier in the West, where the prairie meets the coast. With each twist and turn is an invitation to live the dream and dream the nightmare. Full of rumbling engines and spooked horses on the run, its soundtrack stakes new claims in the wellspring of 1950’s and 60’s classics. Charged with the threat of the Bad Killer and narrated by The Coyote, whose melodies are as commanding as they are vulnerable, the tale ‘ere told is in a whisper and a bang!”
The Coyote is devoted to the creation of new worlds, through thrilling confrontations of the powerful forces of life. Those of love, courage, turmoil, fear, challenge, illusion, unity, doubt, necessity, and vigor. These invisible things, he aims to materialize through the literary and conceptual forms of narrative and music.
The venue of The Coyote’s upbringing was shared between an American suburb on the Western coast and a Native American reservation on the Mexican border. There, a coyote got the better of his first dog and there, in the shadow of a broken-down church, he encountered his first ghost. Since that night, echoes of the past have served as an enigma and a marvel to him. It is also the olden-days of California — it’s golden beaches and doddered chaparral — that continue to nourish and inspire his work. As an artist, his motivation is to stir-up; challenge; show the doorway to the unknown, stimulating others to enter — boldly.
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Bad Killer Tracklist:
1. Bad Killer (Pilot)
2. Night Drive
3. The Ghost That You Are
4. Girls Won’t Sleep (feat. Chrystabell)
5. It’s Here
6. Always
7. Stranger Danger
8. Candle in the Dark
9. Bad Killer (Season Finale)