Jared James Nichols Debuts New Single “Bad Roots”; ‘Shadow Dancer’ EP Due Out September 17 on Black Hill Records

Jared James Nichols:
Nashville Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist Debuts New Single
“Bad Roots”
‘Shadow Dancer’ EP Due Out September 17 on
Black Hill Records
U.S. Tour with John 5 Launches August 10
Above: Jared James Nichols.
NASHVILLE, TN (June 28, 2021) Nashville-based, singer-songwriter-guitarist Jared James Nichols has debuted the new single, “Bad Roots” today, listen here: https://orcd.co/badroots. Nichols will release his highly–anticipated EP of new music titled Shadow Dancer on September 17 on Black Hill Records, here: https://orcd.co/shadowdancer. Nichols will launch a U.S. club tour with John 5 beginning August 10, the trek will include a handful of headlining shows, as well as festival appearances. Nichols and his band will also join KISS for the KISS Cruise from October 29-November 3 (see all dates below).
Jared describes the fiery new single as, ‘Bad Roots’ is a symbol of our collective torn and tattered history,” says Nichols. “This song is an audio affirmation, an anthem to rise above, and continue to reach for good instead of evil. We cannot hide or change the past, and we must learn from and own our mistakes, to ensure ourselves a better future. So, turn it up LOUD and hang on tight!”
The new single “Bad Roots” comes on the heels of his first single “Skin ‘n Bone” which Guitar World magazine described as “gritty, anthemic. …blurring the lines between blues and hard rock with soaring bends and lyrical lead flurries.” Watch and share the video for “Skin ‘n Bone”: Jared James Nichols – Skin ‘n Bone (Official Music Video) – YouTube.
Armed with one guitar–a battered-and-bruised, heavily–customized Gibson Les Paul, aka “Old Glory” — a gritty, soul-stirring voice, and unshakable spirit, Nichols reaffirms the power and glory of hot-wired, blues-drenched rock ‘n’ roll. Since the beginning, Nichols has carved out his own singular path in the music world and his new songs reveal his diverse and raw talent with a different level of depth. Known for his high-energy, pick-less guitar-playing and his electrifying riff-‘n’-roll from records like his debut Old Glory & the Wild Revival (2015), and the follow up Black Magic (2018). Nichols has performed over 400 live dates traveling all around the world with his band and performed onstage with giants like Slash, Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa, Zakk Wylde, and the late, great Leslie West, among others.
Jared James Nichols.
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While blues wunderkind Jared James Nichols is only beginning his career, he has already picked up plenty of rabid acolytes along the way. A major influence on younger guitar players, Nichols has partnered with the luthiers at Epiphone guitars twice in the past two years to re-create his favorite, legendary Gibson models for a new generation of players. The guitars, the “Old Glory” a Les Paul Custom in Ebony and the “Gold Glory” Les Paul Custom in Double-Gold Aged Finish quickly went on to become best-selling models at Epiphone. Last month, Nichols officially joined the Gibson family as a brand ambassador.
“Bad Roots”
Pre-add/save Jared James Nichols’ Shadow Dancer EP, out September 17 via Black Hill Records: https://orcd.co/shadowdancer.
Jared James Nichols, Shadow Dancer EP cover artwork:
“Skin ‘n Bone”
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