Title Track is Charting and In Rotation on
Alternative and Active Rock Radio Stations Nationwide

“Des Rocs is a different elixir of rock, one drawn from icons
and mixed into some nefarious concoction.”  – American Songwriter
NEW YORK, NY  (Friday, December 11, 2020) – Today, the unorthodox and innovative rocker Des Rocs releases  This Is Our Life (300 Entertainment), his five-song EP that sets its sights on the human condition.  “Pieces,” “Love and a Smoking Gun,” “Suicide Romantics,” “Nothing Personal,” and the title track – chronicle Des’ personal struggles that many of us will find very relatable.  The music video for the “This Is Our Life” track is a vicious and intense metaphoric battle for Des’ sought-after birthright, destiny and true potential, and can be checked out HERE.
“‘This Is Our Life’ is a reflection of the now,” said Des.  “It’s a piece of art dedicated to the proposition that our greatest tragedies can lead to our greatest strengths, and that’s sure as hell been true for me.  ‘This Is Our Life’ is the finale of one bittersweet journey and the opening page of another, and the truest representation of who I am as an artist and as a person.”
The early press for This Is Our Life has been terrific.  Loudwire recently singled out the track “Nothing Personal” in its “Best Rock and Metal Songs” staff picks, calling it “…a catchy little love song with a horror-bend to it…it’s dark, it’s fun, and it’s just the latest gem to come from the rising rocker.”   Dread Music Review wrote that the EP “has a genre-bending fresh vibe, easily moving from rock to R&B to industrial to acoustic to hip-hop.”  And, as  American Songwriter put it, “There’s no jumping-off point with Des Rocs.  He’s already dived deep into some rock and roll pool, experimenting in sound and scratching across genres.”
In addition, “This Is Our Life” is breaking through at U.S. rock and alternative radio.  The track is getting airplay at some of America’s biggest and most iconic radio stations such as WMMR/Philadelphia, KTBZ/Houston, WRIF/Detroit, KISW/Seattle, WIYY/Baltimore, WBUZ/Nashville, WFTK/Cincinnati, and WIIL/Chicago.  Des Rocs’ music has racked up more than 100-million streams; he’s already shared stages with The Rolling Stones, Muse and Grandson, and will be playing the Aftershock Festival with Metallica next year.  In the meantime, Des Rocs has been writing and has brand new material planned for 2021.”
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“Somewhere in Queens, a musical madman creates compositions in an underground lair.  Formerly used as a break room for 1950s MTA tunnel workers, the grit and legacy of the city radiates from the walls, anointing Des Rocs with the authentic soul of NYC.  Des Rocs is Rock ‘N Roll.  A fourth generation New Yorker and pizza maker, his authenticity, coupled with his obsessive drive to create, has spawned an undeniable force of nature.”
– Dread Music Review
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Photo credit:  Nicole Hernandez

Des Rocs is Rock ‘N roll.  A fourth generation New Yorker and pizza maker, his authenticity, coupled with his obsessive drive to create, has spawned an undeniable force off nature.  His music builds upon its deep and soulful rock roots and applies a sadistic, frenetic twist.  Des delivers Rock ‘N Roll to the modern landscape, enriched with the deep reverence to the history of the art form.  His  upcoming EP, This Is Our Life, is an anthemic celebration of our greatest tragedies becoming our greatest strengths.  The EP captures the true triumph in our flaws, and the clarity found somewhere at the end of our rope.