Violet Night Releases New Album ‘A N T I H E R O E S’

Violet Night
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Recently Featured on American Songwriter,
Themes of struggle and strength are prominent, and the meaning of
 telling yourself to have hope and that there is so much to live for makes this
the perfect swan song.” – The Spinning Thoughts
A N T I H E R O E S is diverse, beautifully weaved and
Connor Pohl’s voice on the title track alone is enough reason
to listen to this accomplished album.” – The Alt Club
September 25, 2020 – Toronto, ON – The wait is over for A N T I H E R O E S, the latest album from alternative band Violet Night. A bold collection of songs showcasing the band’s diverse sounds, A N T I H E R O E S has recently been heralded by American SongwriterSubstream MagazineThe Noise, and more.  Listen now, here:
The funny thing about A N T I H E R O E S is it was originally conceived as an EP. It leaned a lot heavier on the indie/alt side of our sound,” recalls vocalist Connor Pohl“It took listening to it to realize something was missing – after all, indie and alt are prefixes to rock. Sure, we had added some industrial vibes on ‘Freak Me Up,’ but there simply wasn’t enough energy.
He continues: “To nod back to the title of our previous LP, Colours of You, we weren’t showcasing our full palette; it was a little monochromatic. We went back to the drawing board to write and record a few more rock-leaning songs, plus a bedroom demo. No, seriously, the original version of ‘Superbloom’ was me playing as quietly as I could to not wake up my Toronto roommates. We kept as much of that tender energy in the album version as we could, with the heavier stuff adding more than enough punch. Listening back now, I’m proud of what a well-rounded album we made.
Violet Night don’t just play their instruments; they use them as tools to carefully construct emotion. Hailing from Toronto, ON vocalist/guitarist Connor Pohl, keyboardist T.J. Rounthwaite, and drummer Tay Ewart aim to traverse soundscapes as diverse as their province’s landscapes. From the soaring heights of mountains to the tranquil beauty of a forest, the sky’s the limit with this alternative trio’s sound and potential.
Sophomore LP A N T I H E R O E S is ascending skyward on the wings of first single “freak me up,” originally released August 2019 and a part of the rocking one-two centerpiece that also includes the darker angst of “(if) you are the ocean (then) i would like to drown“. Surrounding those tracks are seven others that show the trio’s ever-increasing mastery of hooks, from the late night love letter “evergreen” or introspection on why we’re here “stay golden; we’re all the same in the dark,” to the driving rock anthems “wallflower (none of this means anything)” and “hate me.”
What else were they going to do, though, other than write? Initially formed as a duo, the band spent their formative years honing their craft in rural British Columbia. With distance standing in the way of shows, they doubled down on taking the band to new heights and relocated to Toronto, where they scouted drummer Tay Ewart (Like Pacific, Modern Space).
A full U.S. tour and countless Canadian concerts have proven Violet Night’s charisma belongs on the stage, as much as their creativity belongs in the studio. With the floodgates of possibility opened and waves already forming, be prepared to lose yourself in A N T I H E R O E S – and Violet Night.
A N T I H E R O E S is out now and can be streamed at:
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A N T I H E R O E S Tracklisting:
1. stay golden; we’re all the same in the dark
2. evergreen
3. freak me up
4. (if) you are the ocean (then) i would like to drown
5. hate me
6. superbloom
7. glow
8. wallflower (none of this means anything)
9. A N T I H E R O E S