AUS indie duo Golding share glowing new video for breakout single “Alone. Together.”

“Mixing 80s synth pop with modern indie dance music and sensual vocals and lyrics, Golding manage to transform the very unsexy idea of being quarantined at home into a dance club fantasy.”
– Glide Magazine
“The duo specialise in this shimmering indie-dance sound that feels both nostalgic and current at the same time… but brought into a new era through the intertwining of new sounds and flavours – something the pairing are quickly becoming known for.”
– Pilerats
SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 — Indie electronic duo Golding share the new music video for their breakout single “Alone. Together.” The glowing, steamy visual follows a dreamlike pursuit of two lovers enjoying a night in together. It’s a scenario that many can only fantasize about these days, but Golding toss in a plot twist that puts a spin on things. Glide Magazine presented the “intoxicating” video earlier this week, saying, “this is the kind of escapism we could all use these days, and the visuals that accompany the music portray the home turned into a dark and sweaty nightclub with a clear message of making the best of what you have in this moment and still managing to let loose.” The video was directed by Rico Zhang (Rock Dog) and co-directed by Josh Dowdle (Lastlings).
Golding is composed of Orange County-native Jay Bainbridge and production partner Matt Bartlem of the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. The two combine their rich musical flavors to create something that feels international, familiar, and totally fresh at the same time.
“Alone. Together.” is a paradoxical isolation anthem highlighting the blissful side of being locked down with loved ones. The track came together serendipitously when vocalist Jay was singing off the cuff to his wife during a boozy night together in lock down.
Jay offers the lowdown on the creative behind the video: “When we were coming up with the concept for the clip with our friends Josh and Rico we really wanted to make something that would both complement and add another dimension to the track. It’s a simple enough story, but we wanted to add our own spin to a situation that most people in relationships have found themselves in before and could relate to.
The song is very cheeky and fun, so we didn’t want the clip to be too obvious in both tone and subtext. Our amazing team really helped realise our vision perfectly, and put in an all star effort working around the clock during a really challenging time, to make something that we are all super proud of.
Spoiler alert… At the end of the clip when everything fades to black and you think the clip is over, it’s in fact a setup for our next clip and asks some imaginative questions about what really happened after that last scene. To be continued…”
With a meticulously composed sound that draws inspiration from artists such as Alt-J and Phoenix, the duo specialise in dreamy indie-dance that pays homage to the old-school with a subtle nod to a new era.
Listeners can stay connected by following the band on Instagram @golding_music, Facebook @goldingmusic, and Twitter @GoldingMusic.
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