Releases Third Album Grand Plan
Out Now On Communion Records
PRESS HERE To Watch Video For Latest Single “Surreal”
Partners With School Night For Album Release Concert Launching New Series ‘Home School’ on September 2
PRESS HERE To Purchase Tickets
Announces Livestream Supporting Feeding America
From Spacebomb Studios on September 13
August 21, 2020 – Dan Croll has released his highly anticipated third album, Grand Plan, out now through Communion Records – PRESS HERE to listen. Serving as a diary of sorts, the album, produced by Matthew E. White, recounts the twelve-month period of personal reinvention which resulted in Croll’s move to Los Angeles from Liverpool with each song telling a story about his life in narrative order. Alongside the release of the album, Croll has partnered with The Wild Honey Pie to release a stripped-back version of “Surreal” – one of two unreleased tracks from the album – PRESS HERE to watch the video.
In partnership with School Night (KCRW’s Chris Douridas, Matt Goldman, and Sharyn Goldyn), Bandsintown, and Tom Windish with support from SoundExchange, Croll will celebrate the release of Grand Plan on Wednesday, September 2, by launching the new online concert series, Home School. PRESS HERE to reserve tickets for the event.
Additionally, on September 13, Croll along with Matthew E. White and musicians Cameron Ralston, Devonne Harris, Alan Parker, and Daniel Clarke, who he made the record with will perform a one-off livestreamed show in Richmond Virginia, live from Spacebomb  Studios where Grand Plan was made. Re-uniting with Croll, White and the band will be playing through selected tracks from the record, as well as talking about how the record was made, and introducing the incredible musicians who are featured on the album. Fans can buy tickets here on a pay-what-you-want basis, with all profits from the show going to Feeding America to support their valuable work in the US community.
Speaking about the experience and his return to the music scene Dan explains, “The past two years have been a rollercoaster, starting from scratch, alone in a different country, but I’m so happy to have come out the other end with this collection of songs. Feels great not only to be back on the music scene, but to be doing it with songs that I finally feel represent the influences and music I truly love.”
Leading up to the release of Grand Plan, the singer-songwriter has been releasing pairs of singles from the album in chronological order as they appeared on the record and happened in his life. Launching 2020 with the release of “Yesterday, a nod to opportunities overlooked during a mentorship with Paul McCartney, and Stay In L.A,” which recounts the beginning stages of a seismic shift in his life and the decision to relocate halfway round the world. Rain and “Actor With A Loaded Gun,” the second set of songs released from Grand Plan, depicted the anxiety and pressures of fitting into a new environment. On his third couplet of releases, title track “Grand Plan” and “Work,”we see growth in Croll, as he begins to embrace the social aspect of his new surroundings, with “Work” (as an ode to his current girlfriend) providing us our first glimpse at romance. We see Croll’s relationships bloom on “So Dark,” referencing to the humor of his new friends and “Honeymoon,” a track that questions Croll’s original plan to leave L.A. after a year. The album’s next two tracks, “Hit Your Limit” lingers on the concept of writer’s block and creative fatigue, while “Coldblooded” seeks revenge on those that wronged him when he first moved out west (specifically his roommate who evicted him from his new home after just four months, just as Croll was beginning to see the good side of his time in Los Angeles).
Completing Grand Plan are the final pair of tracks from the collection, released today, which are yet to be previewed – Surreal” and “Together.” “Surreal” looks nostalgically over the last year, positively embracing about the decision he has made to move. The album’s somber closer, “Together,” relays the life lessons Croll learned, in never losing a moment and always making the most of every situation while reflecting on the unexpected death of the members and manager of the band Her’s, a moment which left the singer-songwriter feeling heartbroken and utterly depressed.
To listen to Grand Plan in full PRESS HERE.