Gewyrdelic Folk Metal Band ISENMOR Reveals Lyric Video for “Battle Scarred” + Continues Shieldbrother Kickstarter Campaign

Dual-violin folk metal band ISENMOR is offering fans a taste of their upcoming full-length debut, Shieldbrother, today in the form of a lyric video for the record’s “Battle Scarred.”
“‘Battle Scarred’ is the song that almost wasn’t,” bassist/vocalist Mike Wilson says. “Written fairly early on in the album’s life cycle, it went through dozens of iterations before settling into its current form. Originally intended to be a ‘fast, simple ISENMOR song,’ over time it grew into something more. The frantic pace of the verses and the catharsis of the choruses compliment the lyrical concept of a traumatized, battle-worn warrior trying to come to grips with his shattered psyche. It’s one of my favorites, and I think it’s a great introductory statement for the album: fast, brutal, intricate, and epic.”
Watch the video at
Last week, ISENMOR launched a Kickstarter campaign as epic as the band itself, offering numerous levels of contributions with amazing rewards, from a download of the album and exclusive band t-shirt to an ISENMOR engraved drinking horn tankard and even a full-size shield, handmade by lead violinist/vocalist Nicholas Schneider, who is active in historical fencing and reenactment. In just one short week, the band has already far surpassed its original goal and is now looking into additional rewards for contributors. Join the campaign at
“Our ‘Shieldbrother’ Kickstarter allows us to have some really unique rewards that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide, while also letting us engage with our fans during this time where we can’t play shows,” says violinist Mark Williams. “On the digital side, we’ve got exclusive instrumental bonus tracks and my personal favorite reward, the entire album re-imagined in 16-bit styling.”
The Maryland-based ISENMOR sings tales of harrowing battlescapes and historic foes in their “gewyrdelic folk metal” style: a blend of metal, orchestral, and folk music, combining intricate violin leads and rich vocal harmonies with a strong guitar-driven folk metal base inspired by the stalwarts of the genre including Týr, Ensiferum, and Eluveitie. “Gewyrdelic” is an Old English word that roughly translates to “historical.” The meaning of the term, as well as its etymology, describe ISENMOR’s lyrical and thematic focus on the history and legends of the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic peoples.
Shieldbrother delivers tales of glory with the triumphant title track “Shieldbrother” and the furious “Furor Teutonicus,” sorrowful tales of woe such as the mournful “Battle Scarred” and the dirge-like “Mount Badon,” a 17-minute epic entitled “Sigurd’s Song,” the obligatory folk metal drinking song (with an ISENMOR twist), “Drink to Glory,” and more tales steeped in the myth and history of the dark ages.
Shieldbrother was self-recorded and mixed, then mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö of Unisound. The album is scheduled for release on October 9.
ISENMOR previously released the 2015 Land of the Setting Sun EP and 2016 “Saxon Shore” single. Together since 2014, the band has shared the stage with numerous international metal acts, and has had repeat performances at the Maryland Folk Metal Festival and Pocono Folk, Pagan and Viking Metal Fest.
Peter Lesko – Lead Guitar
Jon Lyon – Keys, Vocals
Tim Regan – Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Schneider – Violin, Vocals
David Spencer – Drums
Mark Williams – Violin
Mike Wilson – Bass, Vocals
ISENMOR online: