Body Count Releases No Lives Matter Limited Edition Charity T-shirt

(Los Angeles, CA – July 23, 2020) – LA’s Body Count announce limited edition No Lives Matter charity t-shirt. Proceeds from each t-shirt sale will go to The Innocence Project and The RightWay Foundation. The exclusive t-shirts are available for purchase HERE.
Watch the music video for Body Count’s radio single “No Lives Matter“, which is off their 2017 full-length album Bloodlust HERE. The track’s message is more relevant than ever as Body Count frontman Ice-T states in the music video intro, “It’s unfortunate that we even have to say ‘Black Lives Matter’. I mean, if you go through history nobody ever gave a fuck. I mean, you can kill black people in the street. Nobody goes to jail. Nobody goes to prison. But when I say ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’, that’s like if I was to say ‘Gay Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’. If I said, ‘Women’s Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’. You’re diluting what I’m saying. You’re diluting the issue. The issue isn’t about everybody, it’s about black lives, at the moment. But the truth of the matter is, they don’t really give a fuck about anybody. If you break this shit all the way down to the low fucking dirty-ass truth.”
Body Count recently released their new and highly acclaimed full-length album Carnivore on March 6th, 2020. The album was produced by Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose and features standout tracks such as: “Bum-Rush“, “Another Level (feat. Jamey Jasta)”, “When I’m Gone (feat. Amy Lee)“, and “Point The Finger (feat. Riley Gale)”. Carnivore is available for purchase HERE.
Body Count is Ice T (vocals), Ernie C. (guitar/backing vocals), Juan Garcia (guitar/backing vocals), Vincent Price (bass/backing vocals), Ill Will (drums) and Sean E. Sean (samples/backing vocals). The band, founded in 1990 by Ice T and Ernie C., made their live debut at the inaugural Lollapalooza tour (1991) and released their controversial, RIAA gold-certified self-titled debut the following year. Over the outfit’s nearly 30 year history they have sold over 1 million albums and released six studio albums Bloodlust (2017), Manslaughter (2014), Murder 4 Hire (2006), Violent Demise: The Last Days (1997), Born Dead (1994) and Body Count (1992).
In 2011, Franco Vega, a former orphan and probation youth, founded The RightWay Foundation to provide LA County transition-age foster youth (ages 18-26) with support and training to acquire and maintain employment. In recognition of the unresolved trauma creating barriers to job retention, Franco pioneered a program to address past trauma and support successful employment by integrating mental health with employment services. Now in its ninth year, RightWay has served a lifeline for hundreds of foster youth in LA County. We continue to develop effective programs for transition-age youth that challenge negative outcomes and upend statistics.
The Innocence Project, founded in 1992 by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck at Cardozo School of Law, exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.
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