“…in the tradition of sugary, Ramones-y punk, but Masked Intruder shake things 
up just enough and make it sound fresh” – Brooklyn Vegan
“The Intruders clearly care about the mythology that goes into their albums, but it’s
 when they thread that wordplay into resonating choruses that everything truly 
clicks.”  – 4/5 stars, Punk News
“If you could distill ‘III’ down to a single word, it would be ‘fun’.”
–    Punktastic
JULY 14, 2020 – MADISON, WI ­- Masked Intruder has released III Turbo’ today through Pure Noise Records. The deluxe version of their 2019 album includes three brand new tracks – “Bad Reputation” (Joan Jett cover), “If You Would Hold My Hand”, and “Marry Me”. It  can be streamed here: Along with the deluxe album, the band also released new merch. Fans can check out new pieces over at:
On III, the band – Intruder Blue, Intruder Green, Intruder Red and Intruder Yellow – recruited lead producer/engineer Roger Lima (who also plays bass in Less Than Jake) as well as co-producer Mike Kennerty (who plays guitar in some band called The All-American Rejects) and recorded the album at Lima’s studio, The Moat House in Gainesville, Florida.
“When we made III, we knew we wanted 12 songs on it. We recorded 15, though, so we had to cut 3, which sucked because we loved those 3 songs,” explains Intruder Blue.
“But bada bing bada boom! Now III Turbo exists in the real world. It’s like we got our lost kids back and they’re just as cool as we remembered: we’re pretty stoked. I guess some people are going to hear these jams and be like “why the shit did you dumb-dumbs cut the best songs from the record?” or “How could you big, dumb, stupid jerks cut the best songs?” or maybe even some ladies might say “I will never make out with you crumb bums after finding out you cut these amazing songs!” Well, all we can say is we’re sorry you feel that way and we hope you’ll reconsider if you’re one of the ladies. Yeah, maybe we kind of held out on you before but that was then and this is now. Get over it! What we have together is too good to just throw away. Think about it…”
The band’s most infectious album to date (with 3 additional tracks, which are just as infectious) is now available at:
III Turbo Track Listing
1. No Case
2. Mine All Mine
3. All of My Love
4. Just So You Know
5. I’m Free (At Last)
6. Please Come Back To Me
7. B & E
8. Maybe Even
9. Not Fair
10. Stay With Me Tonight
11. Dream a Little Dream
12. I’ll Be Back Again Someday
13. Bad Reputation
14. If You Would Hold My Hand
15. Marry Me
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