Breakout Artist Noah Cunane Delivers Modern Take On Forbidden Love In New Track & Official Video “Call Him”

Today, Noah Cunane releases his new single and video, “Call Him,” another addictive track accompanied by a electric, story-telling visual- watch HERE. The track has an intoxicating, pulsing rhythm begging to be put on replay, with lyrics that will surely strike a chord in listeners. “Call Him” is an upbeat track with a truthful message. Through the lyrics of “Call Him,” Noah aches for clarity, and grapples with crossing the line with a friend who he has feelings for. “Call Him” is a modern take on today’s relationships, taking an anti-f*uckboy approach and wishing the other person would be upfront and honest about their current relationship. Noah definitely knows how to produce a multi-dimensional song, and “Call Him” is just that.
The blue-hued video for “Call Him” is told in split-screen format, and shows the perspective of both Noah and his love interest at the same time. The two are on the rocks, and the cool pastel tones express the coldness felt in a complicated love triangle gone south. The video takes you on Noah’s journey as he calls on her to figure out her current relationship through a series of pop-up bubble messages to the lyrics of the song, “Call me up after you call him // find my love after you lose his.” With Noah’s mesmerizing vocals and moody lyrics, “Call Him” is an ode to fighting for honesty and avoiding forbidden love.
Noah Cunane is a rare talent and brilliant songwriter, with the capability of resonating with listeners, regardless of the setting. Noah Cunane’s music has the versatility to be played while you work from home, alone in your bedroom, or blasted on your Saturday night Zoom. Noah has the ability to transcend genres and blur the boundaries between alternative, pop, and R&B, all while uniting listeners over intimate shared experiences. Noah is “a small town kid who chased a dream” making music with heart, defiance, and artistry. He is surely a star on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
About Noah Cunane
Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Noah moved around throughout his childhood, residing in small towns such as Westchester, PA where he frequently got stuck behind horse and buggy. Music, however, was a constant. He devoted countless hours to learning guitar, and tirelessly worked towards actualizing his dream of music. At a mere 15-years-old, he made the move, alone, to China for a pop star training camp, and joined pop group C5.  It was there he exteriorized his work ethic and cut his teeth in the music industry; performing on Chinese television, appearing on talk shows, recording, and ultimately returning to the States with the newfound wisdom that he wanted his music to be solely his own. Noah’s music started to make waves as he generated hundreds of thousands of Soundcloud plays under the name of Sachi, ultimately changing to Noah Cunane as he found his footing in the music scene.  Moving to Los Angeles full time, Noah linked with producers such as Roy Lenzo [Lil Nas X] and perfected his signature style. As buzz reached a boiling point, Noah landed a deal with 300 Entertainment and released singles “Medicine” and “Miami.” This is only the beginning for Noah Cunane!
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