lternative Artist & Multi-Instrumentalist Natalie Claro Unveils Music Video for “Discomposure”

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Nashville, TN – July 10, 2020 – Today, alternative artist Natalie Claro–who is the sole writer, producer and instrumentalist of all her own music–is unveiling the music video for her single, “Discomposure“. Drawn from her 2019 Selfish Topics EP, “Discomposure” is an intense track dealing with Claro’s struggle with anxiety following a trauma life had thrown her way. The corresponding music video finds Claro alone in her bedroom, struggling to find peace with herself, followed by an epic climax scene of the singer/songwriter playing drums in the middle of a mosh pit. Watch here (2:07):
Claro shares: “I’ve struggled with a substantial amount of anxiety my entire life, but about a year ago, my stress and insomnia were almost insufferable due to trauma life had thrown my way. I had to strive for mental stability without medications or therapy, but with time and dedication, I found ways to make it easier. I wanted to use this song as inspiration for others, to remind my listeners that the brain is a powerful organ, and if time is taken to fight for balance, healing is possible. If it’s ‘all in your head’, there’s hope to get it out… don’t give up.”
Natalie Claro is a loud and bold alternative artist based in Nashville. In addition to being the sole writer, producer and instrumentalist of all her music, her lyrics often address intense topics like politics, existential crisis, mental health and confidence.
But what really resonates with fans are Claro’s live performances featuring powerful vocals, crowd surfing, cartwheels, drum solos and more. Over the course of two years, Natalie has played over 200 live concerts nationwide, sharing the stage with acts like Plain White T‘s, HalfnoisePublicHunnyHawthorne Heights and Grizfolk. She has also performed at events such as SXSWSony’s Balcony TV, Sofar Sounds Los Angeles and The Knitting Factory’s Women That Rock Festival, as well as Hollister’s High School Nation Tour.
Most recently, Claro released her 2019 EP, Selfish Topics, which features five hard-hitting tracks, including the aforementioned single, “Discomposure”. The Selfish Topics EP is available now on all online platforms. Claro is also highly active on social media platforms such as TikTok, where her cover of Lady Gaga and Beyonce‘s “Telephone” went viral with over 500,000 views and 140,000 likes and counting.
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“Claro’s strength comes primarily from her ability to channel a variety of genres into a cohesive, exciting sound, one united by her explosive vocal performances… [her] decision to circumvent the norm is fearless and admirable.” – The Deli Magazine NYC
“Natalie’s music crosses genres and stuns listeners with a unique sound like no other.” – New York Minute Mag
“[Claro] is a force to be reckoned with!” – Strife Magazine