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Daily Archives: May 21, 2017

From the Pit to the Crowd: Earthday Birthday 24 (EDBD 24)

On April 22nd Orlando Rock Station 101.1 WJRR hosted their 24th annual Earthday Birthday. This one day festival sprawled all across the Central Florida Fairgrounds for a day of rock, rides, vendors, food, alcohol, and all around fun. This year’s show brought 13,500 people to

Insatia Announce Upcoming Sophomore Album ‘Phoenix Aflame’

American/Canadian Power Metal band Insatia has announced the release of Phoenix Aflame, the highly anticipated follow up to their 2013 Asylum Denied. Produced by Fabio D’Amore (Serenity) and his partner Ivan Moni Bidin (Starsick System, Pathosray, Last Warning), Phoenix Aflame is due to release June 23rd via Pitch Black Records. “It’s really a more interesting power metal scene